Editorial Services

North East


I provide copy-editing, proofreading, proof-editing and indexing services to publishers, authors, businesses and charities.


I will work on your draft text. Not just checking the obvious - spelling, punctuation and grammar - but also making sure there is a consistent style and the work has the right flow and tone for the intended readership. I will check the formatting is correct and consistent throughout, and ensure illustrations and tables are positioned and captioned correctly. I will query any issues I find within the plot, factual ambiguities or inaccuracies and where there may be possible legal issues.

As a copy-editor my intention is never to change the voice of the author, but ensure the work is presented in the best possible way.


I will work on text that has already been edited and formatted. Proofreading is the final polish of your work; a last check of spelling, punctuation, grammar and tense. I will check consistency in format against a style guide. I will ensure all line and page breaks are logical and all illustrations, tables etc. are located correctly, captioned and referenced accurately. As the work has already been formatted, proofreading will include checking the accuracy of any contents page and lists of references, tables and illustrations. I will query anything that seems ambiguous or incorrect.


Proof-editing is a hybrid of copy-editing and proofreading that lends itself to shorter texts such as short stories, leaflets and web content.

Re-formatting will be minimal, allowing copy-editing and proofreading to be carried out simultaneously.


Most works of non-fiction are enhanced by a quality index.

Compiling an index is more complex than listing the page numbers where a particular name or subject is mentioned; it should include meaningful texts on a subject even when the indexed word is not used in that passage. An indexer must anticipate the needs of the reader, this is something ‘Find’ or indexing software cannot do to the same standard as a trained indexer. 

Indexing would normally be completed after copy-editing but before the final proofreading. Short pieces of work being proof-edited can be indexed as an additional service.


They say everyone has a book inside them, but most never see the light of day.

Have you already written your book? Or do you have a draft in your head but you are not sure what to do next? Let me help you.

Self-publishing has never been easier, but you want your hard work to be well-received. Even minor errors spoil a whole book and can put off a reader. Yet it is often difficult to spot mistakes in your own writing, it takes a second pair of eyes to see them.    

I provide authors with copy-editing, proofreading, proof-editing and indexing services, but which service you need will depend on your experience and what stage you are at in your writing journey. 

Drop me an email, text or give me a call to discuss how I can best help you. I often ask for a sample of your writing, so I can determine what work needs doing. I will return it, edited or proofed as necessary, so you can see the quality of my amendments. We can then agree upfront the work needed, how long it will take and an appropriate fee to complete your whole manuscript.


Still not sure whether you need a copy-editor or proofreader? Check out this short guide PROOFREADING VS COPY-EDITING on the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (Sfep) website.


Running a Small Business or Charity

Written communication is vital to businesses and charities alike. Yet the people running them often have little time to devote to ensuring the messages they are publishing reflect their professional standards. However, many small businesses can not afford in-house editors and proofreaders, but using a reliable freelance to edit and proof one-off pieces of work quickly for a small fee can be invaluable. Whether you need your annual report copy-editing, a promotional flyer proofreading or your web content proof-editing, I can make sure the information is accurate and reflects your brand. Just think how much written content your business produces for outside consumption: Reports, marketing, advertising, manuals, training material, packaging, websites etc. Is it all error-free, logical, accurate and as professional as it could be?  

As a self-employed freelance editor and proofreader based in North East England I have nearly 20 years experience writing, editing and proofreading factsheets and training materials on technical, accounting, payroll and business topics. I can work on hard-copy, Word or PDF documents using BS 5261C:2005 or using track changes and comment boxes, whichever you prefer.

Each job will be assessed and priced individually in advance, so there will never be unexpected charges.

Confidentiality is fully guaranteed. 

Why not drop me an email, text or call me to discuss your needs. I am happy to complete a sample text free of charge to demonstrate the quality of my work.